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New ColonBroom Gives You a Slimmer, Healthier Tummy the Easy Way

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✔️ Flush out unwanted particles

✔️ Crushes cravings for sugary snacks

✔️ Effective relief from embarrassing bloating

✔️ Happy mood and energy

✔️ Healthy digestion

✔️ Regular bowel movements

✔️ Naturally sweet strawberry taste

Gluten free
Vegan friendly

Happy Digestion

Enjoy a smoother digestion pathway that’s cleansed of unwanted particles.


Lose Weight the Easy Way

Curb cravings and reduce calorie intake to slim down without feeling hungry or deprived


Feel Cleansed and Refreshed

Increase nutrient absorption to promote energy, mental clarity and optimal health throughout the body 

New Colon Cleansing Formula Helps Relieve The Three Triggers Of A Bloated Belly

A Bloated Belly, Indigestion After Meals, And Uncontrollable Weight Gain Are All Warning Signs Of Three Belly Triggers. Unless These Triggers Are Addressed, Healthy Digestion And Sustainable Weight Loss Are Hard To Achieve. 

Bloated Belly Trigger #1

Undigested Food Particles in the Colon and Belly

We’ve never had such easy access to food.

Sure, these foods may taste good, and they’re cheap…

But sadly, most of this food is so processed there’s hardly any nutrition left.

What’s worse…

If you take a look at the ingredients, you’ll see a long list of food additives, artificial food colorings, preservatives, and bulking agents.

While small amounts of these added ingredients don’t do us much harm…


We’re now eating them in such amounts that our guts struggle to digest them properly and to eject them from the body.

The result is that undigested can get locked into our cells as fat, particularly around the belly.

This is why the key to a flatter tummy isn’t just reducing calories …

But also feeding the gut what it needs to flush out unwanted particles before they turn into fat.

Bloated Belly Trigger #2

Excessive Hunger Due to Weak Digestion

If you find yourself rushing to the bathroom after every meal…

It’s likely you’re lacking one key nutrient in your diet.

It’s a key nutrient that’s vital for slowing down the digestion of food.

Because without this nutrient… 

Undigested sugars and carbs get  stored around your belly as fat. 1

While bits of undigested food slip straight through you…

Leaving you feeling hungry again soon after every meal.

Bloated Belly Trigger #3

Struggling to Absorb Enough Nutrients from Food 

Like how an engine needs fuel to run at its peak…

Your heart, muscles, and brain all rely on key nutrients to work at their best. 

But when our stomach is overloaded with unwanted particles and can’t digest food properly… 

Our bodies struggle to absorb the nutrients they need from food. 2


The same applies to your fat-burning metabolism. 

Without enough nutrients, your body’s ability to burn food as energy slows to a crawl. 

So if you find yourself often feeling tired, brain foggy, and lousy… 

Along with struggling with uncontrollable weight gain… 

It’s likely your gut needs a helping hand. 

What’s Your Poop Telling You?

It can be hard to know if you’re experiencing any of the belly bloat triggers…

Or all three.

After all, you can’t just open up your belly to take a peek inside.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to check your gut’s health at home…

And that’s scoring your “pooping performance”.

Because your pooping performance can tell you a lot about the health of your gut.

Here’s what to do…


#1 or #2: It looks like you're constipated. This could be due to any number of factors. But it’s likely because you're lacking a key nutrient in your diet.

#3 or #4: Congratulations! Your digestion looks healthy, and you're likely able to go to the bathroom regularly with ease.

#5, #6 or #7: Watery, mushy poops mean your gut isn't holding onto food long enough. This means it's not properly absorbing nutrients.

So you see if you're not producing pristine poops like #3 or #4…

It’s a warning sign of the three belly bloat triggers:

❌ Your gut is overloaded with toxins…

❌ Your digestion is weak…

❌ You’re not absorbing enough nutrients

The good news is that there’s an easy fix. 

It’s a nutrient missing from most people’s diets. 

But a nutrient that can give you a slimmer, happier, and healthier tummy starting in 14 days or less. 

What is this nutrient? 


Fiber is a complex carb your gut can’t fully digest.

This allows fiber to sit patiently inside your gut.

It then helps to:

✅ Soak up unwanted particles

✅ Slow the digestion of food

✅ Increase nutrient absorption

✅ Help you to feel fuller for longer and lose weight the easy way! 5

Not Eating Enough Fiber Explains Why 2 in 3 American Adults Are Overweight

Not eating enough fiber also explains why lots of people struggle with undigested food particles…

Weak digestion… 

Poor nutrient absorption…

And all the health troubles that come with it.

With modern processed foods containing hardly any fiber at all…

It’s no wonder so many people feel they can’t lose weight no matter how hard they try.

The good news is that you can increase your fiber intake from whole foods like these:

Whole grains
Brown rice
Leafy vegetables

But there’s one fiber in particular that’s a powerhouse at helping you to gain a slimmer, lighter body in record time… 

Why Psyllium Fiber Is The Best Fiber For Weight Loss

Psyllium fiber comes from the seeds of the Plantago Ovata plant. 7

The Plantago Ovata is a medicinal herb that grows in the rolling fields of the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions of India. 

Psyllium has been harvested for centuries and used in traditional Ayurveda remedies. 8

This includes remedies for relieving hunger, supporting digestion, and for general wellbeing. 

And now the popularity of psyllium fiber has spread to Western countries too.


This is because psyllium fiber offers remarkable benefits for weight loss. 

The reason psyllium fiber is so special is that it fulfills the three key requirements of a premium fiber: 

✅ Highly gel-forming – Its volume increases inside the gut. It can then help soak up unwanted particles.

✅ Highly Viscous – It remains in your gut longer than most fibers. This enables it to slow digestion and curb cravings.

✅ Low fermentation – It doesn’t create any gas, unlike many other types of fiber.

These three qualities make psyllium fiber exceptional in helping people to slim down in record time…

While also feeling more cleansed, energized, and better all round.

How Psyllium Fiber Works in 4 Steps

shutterstock_2079193177 (1) (1)

So you see, psyllium fiber is the ultimate digestion optimizer for weight loss: 

✅ Helps you to absorb more nutrients from food…
✅ Crushes cravings for sugary snacks…
✅ Helps you feel full for longer…
✅ It removes all the unwanted particles that may be weighing you down and impacting your health.

When you feel full for longer and satisfied, you naturally eat fewer calories.
And can achieve sustainable weight loss the easy way.

Scientifically Proven to Help You Lose Weight

Recently a team of scientists from the prestigious Mayo Clinic did a study to assess the weight loss benefits of psyllium fiber. 9

A total of 141 people were fed the same diets and split into three groups: 

1. A control group

2. A group given psyllium husk

3. A group given another type of fiber (guar gum) 

All three groups then had their weight checked over 6 months. 

While both the control and guar gum group lost weight at the start… 

They soon regained most of the weight by the end of the study. 

The psyllium group? 

Their results were far more impressive! 

By the end of the 6 months… 

People in the psyllium group lost an average of 8 pounds of fat from their thighs, stomach, and arms. 

And it gets even better. 

Because the psyllium group also experienced benefits for their blood sugar, insulin, and LDL cholesterol levels. 

So not only had they lost weight… 

But they’d also gained significant benefits for all their all round health too. 

To Be Safe and Effective, Psyllium Must be Free of Contaminants 

Eager to start adding psyllium fiber to your diet… 

So you can flatten your tummy in record time?

That’s great to hear! 

But there’s something you need to know… 

While there’s lots of psyllium supplements to choose from… 

Many could make your gut health and weight problems WORSE!

The reason is because many psyllium fiber supplements contain artificial nasties: 

❌ Toxic chemicals,

❌ GMO-based ingredients

❌ Artificial sweeteners

❌ Fillers and other dangerous ingredients.

These ingredients can wreak havoc to the health of your gut… 

Bring your digestion to its knees… 

And send all three belly bloat triggers into overdrive. 

But the good news is that there’s now a psyllium supplement available that contains the purest, most premium form of psyllium…

And is 100% free of health disrupting, fat spreading chemicals. 


NEW ColonBroom is a Premium, High Purity Psyllium Supplement that Helps You Slim Down and Clear Out Toxins Starting in 14 Days Or Less

Harnessing new breakthroughs in gastrointestinal science and psyllium extraction technology… 

We created ColonBroom. 

ColonBroom is a new type of toxin cleansing, craving crushing, and digestion optimizing psyllium supplement. 

ColonBroom contains the highest grade psyllium money can buy. 

And it undergoes a premium grade manufacturing process, from the farmer’s field to your door: 

Ethical sourcing

We source raw psyllium directly from the farmers who grow and harvest it. So the quality of our psyllium is assured from the start of its journey.

Purifying extraction process

We use the latest state-of-the-art extraction technology to clean the seeds of foreign particles. This ensures our psyllium is high purity and free of contaminants.

Purity control

We have a quality assurance and quality control department which monitors the quality of every batch of ColonBroom. Only after each batch is approved is it dispatched to customers.

Our Psyllium is FSSC Certified

This is the highest accreditation for food safety in our industry. We were only able to achieve this certification through our exceptional sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Tastes great

On its own, psyllium has an acquired taste. So to ensure you’ll enjoy drinking ColonBroom each morning, our psyllium is combined with naturally sweet stevia and citric acid. This gives ColonBroom a deliciously tasty strawberry flavor. 

What You Can Look Forward to with ColonBroom 

Less hunger for easier-to-reach weight goals

Energy boost

A happy, healthy tummy

Happy mood

Feeling light, cleansed, and revitalized

Brighter, softer skin

People Who Love ColonBroom

How to Use ColonBroom

Mix one scoop with water

Drink it each morning with breakfast

Allow ColonBroom to help you feel fuller, cleaner, and healthier each day

ColonBroom provides the fast track to a slim, happy, healthy tummy.

We’re confident you’ll feel lighter, cleansed, and more energized from ColonBroom starting in 14 days or less.

But if you don’t gain a slimmer stomach…

Notice a reduction in bloating…

Feel more energized and cleansed…

Or just change your mind and want your money back…

Simply return the unopened bottles within 30 days to get them refunded.

No questions asked, numbers to call, emails to send, or hassle of any kind.

One Bottle

$ 68
99 Per Bottle


$ 54
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  • Free Shipping Every Month
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SAVE 14$


Six Bottles

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Three Bottles

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$ 35
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SAVE 99$

A single bottle of ColonBroom is a great way to try it out. 

And within two weeks you should notice your waist has started to shrink, you feel lighter, cleansed, and your cravings have vanished. 

But ColonBroom can only help you for as long as you take it. 

When your supply runs out, the benefits of ColonBroom will start to wane. 

You may find your hunger comes roaring back… 

Your weight on the scales starts going back up again… 

And you find yourself back to square one, feeling heavy, bloated, and “blah”. 

So to continue enjoying the benefits of ColonBroom for longer… 

We recommend investing in larger package sizes.

The larger package sizes provide the biggest discounts. And they also protect you from price rises, or the risk of supplies getting scarce. 

So if right now you feel heavy, bloated, and struggle to lose weight…

Select your favorite package size and give ColonBroom a try… 

You’ll then discover how ColonBroom can help relieve all three triggers of a bloated belly… 

Help you feel lighter and cleansed of unwanted particles…

And give you the slimmest, happiest, and healthiest tummy starting in years.



Most frequent questions and answers

The secret to ColonBroom’s slimming success is its premium-grade psyllium fiber.
Psyllium is recognized as the best fiber in the world for weight loss. This is because psyllium helps to provide a feeling of fullness that reduces hunger. It also helps to slow down digestion and improve nutrient absorption.
Feeling full for longer and satisfied means you naturally eat fewer calories. And can achieve sustainable weight loss the easy way.

ColonBroom is a type of laxative. But its weight loss benefits come from it acting as an appetite suppressant. 

So unlike other laxative supplements, ColonBroom won’t send you rushing for a bathroom, or feeling anxious when you’re out and about. 

Instead, ColonBroom helps make your bathroom trips more regular and healthy, while also helping you to lose significant weight.

I’ve tried psyllium supplements before and they gave me bloating and gas. Will I experience this from ColonBroom? 

Most psyllium supplements are made from cheaply sourced ingredients. They also contain artificial ingredients, GMOs, and contaminants that upset the stomach.

This is a key reason why you may have experienced bloating or gas from psyllium before. 

However, another cause of discomfort from psyllium is not drinking enough water.

This is because psyllium absorbs a lot of water inside the gut. So we recommend making sure you stay hydrated while your body gets used to holding more fiber. Then any discomfort should disappear in a few days. 

However, should any discomfort continue, please stop taking ColonBroom and return the bottles for a full refund.

It’s true. Many people complain about the taste of psyllium supplements. So we combined our high purity psyllium with natural stevia and citric acid to give Colon Broom a tasty strawberry flavor. This makes Colon Broom a delicious breakfast smoothie you’ll love to drink each morning.

Unlike laxative-style supplements you only take for a few weeks, ColonBroom is formulated to support a healthy lifestyle over the long term. So we recommend drinking it daily, so it can help cleanse your body and manage your weight. 

ColonBroom can also only help to curb hunger, cleanse unwanted particles, and optimize nutrient absorption for as long as you take it. This is why we recommend investing in the larger package sizes which offer the biggest discounts. 

Absolutely! Through improving nutrient absorption and removing unwanted particles, ColonBroom provides benefits for your whole body. And when you improve gut health, you can expect to feel more energized, happier, and healthier all around. 

Unfortunately, we can only provide a refund for unopened bottles within 30 days.

So if you buy a multipack, and are disappointed with the results, simply return the unopened bottles within 30 days. We’ll then refund the money directly to your card.

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