The Latest Gut Health Research Ushers Great News For Folks Fighting Chronic Weight Gain



Robert Walker, Senior Medical Editor
2020, January

Recently, a group of top-ranked Israeli scientists released an exciting gut health study.

A study that reveals the mechanism of how the human gut rejects digestive help.

This has big implications for the $54.77 billion probiotics industry. But as you’ll understand shortly, it’s also great news for people fighting chronic weight gain and belly bloat.

Here’s what the scientists did. A large group of healthy adults was given a cocktail of 11 common probiotics for a full month (including the popular strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria).

But what happened next was unexpected.

Half of the probiotics went in through the mouth and straight out the other end. And the other half lingered only briefly… until the body’s existing gut bacteria bullied them out! 1

This is important for two reasons.

First of all, if you’ve been fighting weight gain, bloating, digestive issues, persistent food cravings, and fatigue with probiotics… you should probably stop now!

Secondly, as we’ll see shortly, this study opened the way to a new weight loss solution.

A simple solution that reverses the gut’s process of cross-feeding… an unhealthy gut state that’s often responsible for cravings and overeating.

As it turns out, a single power nutrient is all the human body needs to combat cross-feeding.

A nutrient that’s not only easy to access but also affordable.

Men and women of all ages can and should eat more of it.

Yet, the results of a 5-year study on 14,640 nonpregnant American adults show 93% of Americans are lacking it. 2

That seemed strange, so we kept digging into the research and piling evidence. Soon, we could no longer ignore this.

This was only the first of many odd gut health facts we discovered. In 2022, gut health is at the center of a web of myths, half-truths and misinformation.

This is why in this special report, we’re giving the floor to Christine Ellis, Ph.D. Nutritionist, and ask her opinion about gut health, weight management, and belly bloat.

The Key Is Not What You Eat. It’s What Your Gut Eats.

Many people struggle with digestive issues, persistent food cravings, fatigue and even skin problems. Often, they’re told that they should simply eat less.

However, the latest research suggests the key is not what we eat. It’s what our gut eats.


“We’re only now starting to discover the enormous significance of gut health. It’s the beginning of a golden age for health sciences,” says Christine.

“Every human carries about 2kg of alien bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the gut... it's a bustling community responsible for a variety of systems in the body. It’s associated with every function, good and bad. Pick a disease, it’s associated. Obesity, depression, low energy, inflammation, everything.”

There’s wide scientific agreement about this. For example, Harvard Health published a new article in April 2021 that mentions the surprising “Gut-Brain Connection.” 3

Healthline, one of the most trusted health websites in the world, says, “your gut and brain are connected physically through millions of nerves.” 4

And Hopkins Medicine goes as far as calling the gut “the second brain.” 5 But no matter what you want to call it, one thing is for sure. The gut affects every facet of our health.

“This is partly why there’s so much misinformation about the gut. It’s standard internet garbage. A good example is a blatantly false claim that death begins in the gut,” says Christine.

“Like all fake news, it’s based on a half-truth. Yes, the gut is indeed linked to most diseases. But it’s not true at all that the gut is the main reason for death. Or that good gut health guarantees you’ll be clear of any disease.”

How Your Gut Controls Your Weight

And a third study by the American Diabetes Association warns that poor gut health can contribute to metabolic disease, including diabetes, atherosclerosis, and obesity.

The global scientific community is still unraveling how the gut affects human health. But it’s now well established that gut bacteria have a giant impact on the host’s health, particularly on weight gain and energy levels.

“It’s fascinating,” says Christine, “and a little bit unsettling. We’re filled with trillions of tiny bacteria that serve different functions. Some help us stay thin, and some are mischievous. Strains like Staphylococcus aureus are often responsible for bloating, weight gain, and fatigue.”

Many independent groups work day and night to discover how these gut bacteria affect weight gain.

For example, a study published in the famed Nature Journal found that some bacteria help regulate weight by boosting the amount of energy we get out of food. 6

Another study published in the Annual Review of Medicine confirmed they help us control our appetite by absorbing more nutrients from our meals. 7

They’ve been cited hundreds of times.

But the most important study of all – cited 1,227 times already – was published on the 87th volume of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to that fascinating paper, the bacteria we have in our gut as children are so hugely influential that…

Scientists can predict whether we will become overweight decades ahead in the future. 8

Why is this so important? It’s important because it means if our gut’s bacteria population causes us to become overweight, willpower doesn’t matter.

We can’t just brute force ourselves into dieting. Nor is it our fault if we can’t stick to a healthy meal plan.

In fact, some of the latest research, such as a 2020 paper published in Gut Microbes, suggests that our gut’s bacteria can influence and alter our food choices. 9

It’s certainly not a pleasant thought. But here’s the positive news. According to Christine, our gut population isn’t fixed. It’s actually quite amenable to change.

“There are trillions of bacteria strains, but to simplify things, we can divide them into two factions. You have your “gut buddies” who help regulate your weight. And you have your “gut raiders.” When the latter grow and multiply, they cause bloating, fat gain, and disease,” says Christine.  

“A big misconception is to think you only need gut buddies to enjoy good health,” she smiles. “The reality is you need a balance of both factions, and this is why I am not a big fan of probiotic supplements.”

The Big Problem of Probiotics

Probiotics are “gut buddy” bacteria strains found in supplements or food. Of course, eating probiotic-rich foods in moderation, like yogurt and kefir, can provide many health benefits.

“The problem is when we expect a generic, off-the-shelf probiotic supplement to help with our bloating and weight gain issues,” notes Christine. “Since its ‘gut buddy’ content is not tailored to our individual needs, I would say it’s almost completely useless.”

The Cell Journal study we mentioned at the beginning of this report proves it. Even though the study participants were given 11 of the most popular probiotics, the health benefits were almost zero.

Half of the “gut buddies” went in through their mouth and straight out the other end. The rest lingered only for a few days… until the body’s existing bacteria bullied them out. 10

Understanding this is very important. It means our bodies flat out reject or refuse to cooperate with external “gut buddies.”

Probiotic dietary supplements may have the best intentions. But there’s very little chance their “gut buddy” content fits our gut’s individual needs.

This means they likely won’t help solve problems like belly bloat and food cravings. Thankfully, there’s increasing evidence something else might be of help. 

A substance that helps strengthen the “gut buddies” we already have within us.

Unraveling the gut’s “fattening process” of cross-feeding.

There is a type of substance that humans can’t digest, but the “gut buddies” in our gut thrive on. There are many reasons to feed our “gut buddies” with that substance.

But first, we must understand the gut’s “fattening process” of cross-feeding. 11

No matter what we eat, both our “gut buddy” and our “gut raider” bacteria feed on the food we eat for energy. It’s not a peaceful meal. They actually compete with each other, producing waste molecules as they fight. Then, each strain of bacteria eats the waste molecules of each other for energy. 12

This process is known as cross-feeding. Now here’s why this is so important. A fresh 2020 study revealed the long-term effects of cross-feeding.

In short, when we follow a standard Western diet, cross-feeding causes our “gut raiders” to multiply. Over time, they begin to outgrow and oppress our “gut buddies.”

When that happens, “gut buddies” can’t grow back to a balanced population.

This throws our gut balance out of whack. Causing a series of digestive problems and unwanted weight gain. But there’s an even more unsettling side to this.

When “gut raiders” take control of our gut, they’re capable of influencing our feeding behavior.

It starts with simple cravings for sugar and processed foods. But before long, it spirals out of control to altered feeding decisions.

They influence us to eat unhealthy foods that keep them growing, multiplying, and in control. 13

And remember. Simply sending in new “gut buddy” troops through probiotic supplements won’t help. Our body flat out refuses to work with them. And even if it doesn’t, our “gut raiders” will bully them out of our system in just a few days.

It’s a bleak situation, but help is possible. However, it can only come from within. 

If Cross-Feeding Creates a “Gut Raider Empire” in Our Gut… This Power Nutrient Helps Arm the “Gut Buddy Rebels.”

If the standard Western diet allows our “gut raider” bacteria to take control of our gut.

And if that happens, they push us to eat unhealthy foods, so they stay in control.

Then it makes sense that a nutrient that allows our “gut buddy” bacteria to wrestle control back… would be amazing news for our waistline and health!

Thankfully, such a power nutrient already exists. Yet, according to a 5-year study on 14,640 nonpregnant American adults… 93% of Americans are not eating enough of it! 14

That power nutrient is none other than fiber. Specifically, prebiotic fiber. It’s easy to confuse prebiotics with probiotics, but they’re actually completely different.

Probiotics are external “gut buddy” bacteria. As we saw earlier, the human body rejects or flushes them out, so their health benefits are minimal.

Prebiotics, however, are the non-digestible parts of fiber. They’re like a 5-star meal for our existing “gut buddies.” A great source of nutrition and the perfect way to strengthen the “gut buddy” troops we already have within us.

Is the solution as simple as eating more fruit and veggies? Unfortunately, not quite.

“Eating more greens certainly wouldn’t hurt most people. But if it was so easy, people would already be doing that,” explains Christine. “The reality is, switching our feeding decisions is incredibly tough when gut raiders have taken control. Anyone who’s tried to follow a healthy meal plan but couldn’t, knows exactly what I mean.”

“Besides that, not all fiber sources are equal,” she adds. “Since 2015, we know one prebiotic fiber source is head and shoulders above others.”

In 2015, a giant, evidence-based study explored the health benefits of fiber. The results were published as a two-part paper in Nutrition Today.

The first part debunked the general notion that “all fiber is good for you.” Not all fiber sources are equal. In fact, we can divide fiber according to 4 clinically meaningful characteristics.

(These are solubility, fermentation, viscosity, and gel formation. More on them in a second. 15)

What’s most important is what the second part of the study discovered. The scientists took 141 patients and split them into 3 groups.

One group followed a regular diet.

The second group took a regular fiber supplement.

And the third group took a special type of fiber called “psyllium husk.”

All 3 groups reduced weight.

But the first two groups gained much of the lost weight back in as little as 2 months.

The third group’s participants, however, didn’t.

In fact, they continued to lose weight throughout the full 6 months of the study. 16

What Made This Special Fiber Better Than Others?

The evidence suggests that 2 of the 4 fiber characteristics were critical for the participants’ effortless, long-term weight loss.

Specifically, viscosity and fermentation. Here’s what these two characteristics mean.

Viscosity refers to how much water the prebiotic fiber can absorb. When the viscosity is high, it absorbs more water. And water makes it thicken inside our gut.

In turn, this makes the process of fermentation easier. Fermentation refers to how easily our “gut buddy” bacteria can consume the fiber.

The more prebiotic fiber we give them, the stronger they become. And the stronger they become, the more they can wrestle back control from our “gut raiders.”

So everything ties back to the original argument.

When “gut raiders” hijack control of our gut and cause us to overeat, willpower is not enough.

First, we need to claim back control of our gut. And the best way to do so is through a substance that allows the gut bacteria within us to fight back.

There’s no substance that does this better than psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is a swift and effortless way to manage our weight over the long term.

So the question now is: what’s the best and purest source of psyllium husk? 

We Tested 5 Supplement Companies. Only One Was Willing to Share a Lab Analysis of Their Formula.

That company is a little-known startup called ColonBroom. ColonBroom is FSSC-certified, meaning they have the top-ranked, global certification of safety in the food sector.

Here’s what the lab analysis of ColonBroom’s product revealed to us. 

The plant used to create ColonBroom’s powder is called Plantago Ovata. A potent medicinal plant native to the Mediterranean region of Europe.

It’s premium-priced, but it’s considered one of the greatest natural sources of psyllium. So it’s a small wonder that ColonBroom’s formula showed exceptional levels of purity in the lab.

According to our inspection, the company’s facilities go above and beyond to ensure purity. They’ve imported a sortex machine from Japan, vibro sieve shakers, de-stoners, and gravity machines. 

This is cutting-edge machinery designed to clean out all impurities from the psyllium husk. So that the final powder contains nothing more than pure gut-boosting goodness. 

It’s exactly what you need if your gut’s bacteria are out of balance. 

Every batch goes through multiple quality checks before it’s dispatched. A process that sometimes takes more than 3 months. 

In short, ColonBroom is a top-shelf psyllium product. Made by a good, trusted company that we’re happy to recommend. 

And it is 100% based on the science we’ve explored in this report. 

So, if you suspect your gut situation is preventing you from losing weight, try ColonBroom. This will for sure help you drop pounds. 

More importantly, it will allow you to keep them off over the long term. 

Plus, there’s the matter of taste. It sounds unimportant, but it needs to be mentioned. Every psyllium product we tested tasted awful. Yet, ColonBroom has a great-tasting strawberry flavor. 

Mix it with a bit of water, and it makes for a great morning drink. 

Small wonder it works great for rapidly reducing weight and restoring gut health!

We Tried It Ourselves.
Read Editor Laura’s First-Hand Experience…

Laura is 47 years old, from Sacramento, California. 

She’s a member of our Editing team. She volunteered to try out ColonBroom’s formula so that we could write this in-depth review.

“I’m what you would call a chronic dieter. I’ve tried every diet and weight loss regime there is, but my results never seem to stick. If I’m honest, I’ve been losing and gaining the same 20 pounds for the last 20 years with no light at the end of the tunnel. Like most people, I was skeptical at first. Who'd have thought a simple morning drink could really help? Here’s my 30-day journey…


📅 Day 1: Jesus Christ, this tastes amazing! I mixed one scoop of ColonBroom with a glass of water and drank it with my morning coffee just before work. Lunchtime flew by, and I didn’t even realize I skipped breakfast. I’m not sure if this is actually real or placebo, but I know for a fact something is going on… and I like it.

📅 Day 3: Okay, something is definitely going on. All I’m doing is drinking one scoop of ColonBroom every morning, yet I’m experiencing notably less hunger throughout the day. Surprisingly, even though I eat less, my energy appears to be more stable throughout the day.

📅 Day 7: Today, I felt an odd sense of lightness, so I found the courage to weigh myself on the scale…  and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ve lost 4 pounds already. Shockingly, I haven’t felt deprived or restricted for a single minute the entire week. 

📅 Day 14: Defying all my expectations, this actually works. I’ve lost another 5 pounds… and people are starting to compliment me. In fact, those who don’t know I’m testing ColonBroom’s formula are asking about my new diet… something I find downright hilarious.

📅 Day 30: I’m not going to lie. I shed a tear when I weighed myself. My only concern is, will this keep working? I’m 11 pounds down… and I can’t imagine myself stopping. I’ll keep taking this until I lose another 15 pounds and reach my perfect weight… If I continue, this will happen well before summer. Honestly, I was expecting to trash this. But now, I can’t recommend it enough. For the first time ever, I feel like I’m in control of my weight. 

Why Chronically Overweight People See Results Even Quicker With ColonBroom’s Formula

Here’s how ColonBroom’s scientific formula works, in a nutshell: It allows us to wrestle back control of our feeding decisions from our gut bacteria. It’s a completely new way to address weight management.

This means it’s great for people who may have tried other products but didn’t experience the results they wanted.

On average, people report less hunger and greater lightness from the first 72 hours. So when we say it’s powerful, we mean it. But here’s the best part… 

Reasons Why Everyone Can and Should Try ColonBroom’s Formula

✅ Swiftly reduces hunger… leading to effortless weight management in a few weeks. On average, people feel less hungry in 72 hours and enjoy notable weight loss after the first 3 weeks.

✅ Safe to use over the long term or for as long as you want. Most people stop after they achieve their ideal weight. But many folks enjoy the pleasant feeling of fullness it gives, so they continue well after they reach their goal.

✅ 100% natural, zero sugar. Boosts any regular or special eating strategy. Including but not limited to intermittent fasting, low-carb, keto, vegetarian, and vegan diets. People with diabetes can enjoy it as it’s completely sugar-free.

✅ Entirely risk-free, low-cost bundle options. You can save up to 59% when you order one of the multi-bottle options. And that’s the smart thing to do because if you don’t like it for whatever reason, you’re covered by a 100% money-back guarantee.  

✅ Lastly… Its strawberry taste is absolutely delicious in the morning! 

Chronically Overweight Folks Rave About How ColonBroom’s Formula Helps Them Drop Pounds

I started the drink in late June, and now I can’t stop drinking it. I have managed to drop 13 pounds and hopefully fit into clothes that I will buy soon, my poop has gotten better, I don’t feel bloated or gassy anymore.
Vanessa M.
Brooks, OH
I was using it at first for a wedding and to really honestly jumpstart my workout and I can honestly say it has really help me to lose the weight and get everything moving. I have lost 10 pounds and I plan to keep going.
Carol M.
Before colon broom March of 2021 I had just came off of a 4 year battle with everything gut related. You think of it, I had it...leaky gut took control and affected my kidney and liver as well. Since finding colon broom and watching them for a while, I have loved seeing the few ingredients that are all real. I now have less bloating, I am able to clean out each morning easily and pain free, I don’t have the full feeling all day long like I have to use the bathroom, I have less cravings at night b/c I drink mine as a night cap minus the cap, and I just feel better about my digestion b/c nothing is hurting anymore
Eva Mitchell
I can confidently leave the house each day knowing I won’t have to hurry to a bathroom anymore and that right there is worth it all. My family is loving the new me where we can actually leave and do things now. It has been 5 years, it was past time for me to be living again!! Colon broom’er for life
Rob. C

*Results may vary on personal features.

“I don't recommend or endorse anything if I'm not convinced it will help my clients. It’s true. ColonBroom’s formula is something that can speed up the results of any balanced diet... and has helped people with truly stubborn gut bacteria feel lighter.”

Dr. Christine Ellis, Ph.D. Nutritionist

Now It’s Your Turn to Try ColonBroom – Here’s How Easy It Is!


Step 1 – Take one scoop of ColonBroom’s formula… mix it with a glass of water and stir vigorously for 30 seconds. Drink it immediately and enjoy its strawberry taste (for best results, take it 30 minutes before a meal). 

Step 2 – ColonBroom’s formula travels down your digestive tract and absorbs water like a sponge, filling you up. Your “gut buddies” start feasting on the formula, getting stronger every day.

Step 3 – Week by week, ColonBroom helps restore balance to your gut population. Soon, you get back to enjoying food in a healthy way again. With fewer cravings and much better control over your appetite.

If that sounds good, you have no reason to pass on this because ColonBroom is…

Taking All the Risk Off the American Family!

Recently, ColonBroom’s CEO approved a bold special offer that goes well beyond the industry standard… and shows how much confidence they have in their product.

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Try ColonBroom’s formula once a day, and you’ll love the pleasant lightness you’ll feel.

If you’re not thrilled for any reason or no reason at all, you will get 100% of your money back for all unopened bottles, whether you bought one bottle, three, or six.

Where to Find ColonBroom’s Formula

ColonBroom is on a mission to help as many people take back control of their gut as possible.

This is why they’ve launched this generous, new offer. It’s only a small company, but they’re giving as much value as they can… cutting deep into their pockets so they can spread the word and help even more people.

A secure website has been set up for readers to place orders.

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A single bottle of Colon Broom is an amazing way to feel lighter, cleansed, and manage cravings with less effort.

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So when your supply runs out, the benefits will also start to wane.

Hunger may come roaring back. The scale may start moving in the wrong direction. And over time, you could find yourself back to square one.

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